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palm kernel shell

OUr Specification for palm kernel shell

Palm kernel shell is well-known biomass of its small size and high heat energy or calorific value. Palm kernel is a palm from oil palm fruit. After the oil Palm fruit goes through the palm oil process, the kernel will be separated and kernel oil will further be distilled. The palm kernel shell (PKS) is a by-product of the palm oil industry.

The PKS has gained its status as a biofuel resource for biomass products. It is also classified as renewable energy that complies with international energy regulations in developed countries eg Japan, Korea, Europe, etc. PKS is also considered as a replacement for wood chips.

OUr Specification for palm kernel shell

1. Heat Energy/Calorific Value: 4.000kcal/Kg

2. Inherent moisture: less than 15%

3. Ash content: 12%

4. Size: 4-20mm

5. More quality details, in full laboratory test

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