Wood Finishes

Below you can find our sample pics of our wood types available from Nigeria. Enquiries on orders are made by contacting us through email or by calling one of our staff members (see the contact FOLAWOOD staff page). On the sites we have our experts sourcing for the very best


for the love of wood, we are here for you

Wood is not only aesthetic to the eye with it´s beautiful surface and natural colors, it also is an organic and thermal natural resource that is environmentally friendly. It´s a stiff, sustainable and super-strong building material, but in comparison to steel or other materials it´s also flexible and lighter in weight.


Wood is a great building material in bigger and smaller projects; from book shelves and furniture to decks, terraces, bridges, piers, houses and much more. Building with wood is positive for the climate as it has a low environmental impact in the construction process. It is energy efficient as a building material.


Builders and architects (and we do to!) believe that wood could substantially reduce GHG emissions in the building sector and create a better and a healthier built environment both physically and aesthetically. Check out the sample types from Nigeria below. We are happy to be a part of your project!