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  About the Company...  

Hey, nice you found us!

We are a kind and conscious company. Our initiative is to promote a greener globe by sourcing for and creating quality & ecological products that are better for nature by cooperating with people. We want to introduce a beautiful  lifestyle by providing quality products.


   About Fola Nature Oy...   

Fola Nature Oy Finland, is an European base company, having sisters company in Africa, Fola Nature Global Nig. Ltd. Our innovation is to promote greener globe and sustainable energy solution by creating and sourcing for sustainable green energy of high quality products,e.g Briquette, Palm kernel shell, Carbonized Pellets, Coconut shell, Activated charcoal, Carbonised palm kernel shell e.t.c. We are discouraging deforestation and revolutionizing climate change, we are working exclusively with grassroots women all over the world to promote gender equality and provide job opportunities for hundreds of young people and families.

We focus on 3 major products:

  What makes us stand out...  

Fola Nature Cocofin briquettes is a life saver,  for example in some developing countries, where women are exposed to firewood cooking as a way of life. Study shows that inhaling little smoke with firewood cooking is more than smoking 2 packets of cigarettes, imagine women backing their children then. Same as developed countries that hundreds of thousands of trees cut off because we want to be grilled and have nice moments with family and friends. But our briquettes are green clean cooking energy fuel , it's smokeless, odourless no deforestation, burnt longer and eco-friendly and sustainable.

Our Team.

We are regularly looking for retailers worldwide. Don´t hesitate to contact us!  Our contact info can be found on the contact team page. You can also reach Fola Nature by sending us mail: 

We will have the right person to get back to you!



+358 45 1264477



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