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Hey, nice you found us! We are a kind and conscious company. Our initiative is to promote a greener globe by sourcing for and creating ecological products that are better for the nature. Check out our launch product C O C O F I N. A restaurant grade briquette for barbequing the best food! Perfect for both professional and private use. We are part of PLANET COMPANY COMMUNITY:) Below you can read more about us. Welcome to the world of Fola Nature.


Coming soon something to look forward to if you like spicy stuff;



Planning to barbeque with family and friends? Check out our premium quality Cocofin briquette from Africa!

Fola Nature


The word fola is an African word for honor and as a company we do take much pride in delivering carefully chosen products to our customers all over the world.

Responsibility & sustainability & for the love for good food! Not only as a company, but as the people behind Fola Nature we want to take responsibility by a more ecological and sustainable way of thinking about the future; that is why our products are carefully chosen to meet our standards. We are striving to find sustainable solutions and better ways that are more beneficial from nature´s point of view and kinder to the planet. Fola Nature´s competent and caring team is located in Finland, UK and random places in beautiful Africa, ensuring that all our top quality products are sourced in the most sustainable and ethical way across the great continent. Our products ship worldwide. Welcome to explore more!

Get a glimpse below of our team members insights and thoughts.


Cocofin briquette is currently looking for retailers worldwide. Don´t hesitate to contact us!


Our numbers can be found on the contact team 


page. You can also reach Fola Nature by sending us mail: 


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Or call customer care +358505056707

"I live in Helsinki with my family. As a dad I care much about environmental issues and nature. I´m happy to be part of a company that meets my own values."


Ville, sales manager 

"I have a global mindset and far reaching aspects as an entrepreneur. I did my major in civil engineering in Nigeria and house building in Helsinki, Finland; my heart is in finding sustainable solutions both in the areas of building and other products" 


Emmanuel, founder

"I have many years experience in business and I´m a board member in many great companies. I´m a year round BBQ enthusiast myself so it was an easy choice to be a part of this"

Ville, chief marketing officer

Coconut shell charcoal


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good for nature = good for you

from a company in Finland with love & care contact         or call directly +358505056707